Ministerial Cession of the Fifth, Loans Guide 2020

If you are a ministerial employee, you will already know that you have the possibility to apply for a loan with the sale of the advantageous one and at the best economic conditions on the market.

Ministerial employees, therefore, have the possibility to request a loan with the same identical facilities as civil servants.

But who are the ministerial employees? Perhaps, they are better known as “state employees” and, below, we will explain in detail which categories they belong to and which types of loan they are entitled to.

Who are ministerial employees?


Ministerial employees, as we have just said, are state employees, or those who work in the public administration.

As the name suggests, they refer to ministries:

  • Department of the Treasury;
  • Ministry of the Interior;
  • Ministry of Defense (therefore Carabinieri or armed forces in general)
  • Ministry of Education (therefore professors or ATA staff, for example
  • Ministry of Finance.

Transfer of the fifth for ministerial employees

Transfer of the fifth for ministerial employees

All ministerial employees have the opportunity to take advantage of loans offered by banks or finance companies, or by Social security, which are much cheaper than the market average.

Applications can be made by all ministerial employees (which we could classify as a category of civil servants ) and retirees.

The assignment of the fifth for the ministers offers the advantage of lower interest rates compared to the common loans and can be repaid through the assignment of a fifth of the salary.

The following can apply:

  • school and university professors: loans for professors, without excluding ATA or secretarial staff, are very easy and allow you to immediately remedy unexpected expenses, using small loans or multi-year loans. The application can be made directly to the most important banks or best financial companies in Italy, or via the form downloadable on the Social security website, dedicated to civil servants, and sent electronically or by post;
  • transfer of the fifth for carabinieri, a loan designed specifically for the workers of the Army;
  • convention loans for law enforcement and defense more generally, as employees of the Army, Air Force or Navy

Obviously, ministerial employees are not obliged to rely on the National Social Security Institute, but they can first consult the various proposals offered by credit institutions to evaluate which is actually the most convenient and similar to their needs. Furthermore, many banks have agreements with Social security and it is, therefore, possible to find a solution even if, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to take advantage of the financing offered by the former Government agency.

For further information:

  • Social security loans
  • ex-Government agency loans

Calculation of the installment and loan estimate for ministerial employees

To obtain a calculation of the installment on loans for ministerial employees, several online tools are made available, also associated with banks that offer financing on the web.

Recall that the figure offered for loans for professors and other ministerial employees is based on the salary of the worker. Even the installments that are withdrawn monthly cannot exceed one-fifth of the salary and, depending on whether they concern small loans or multi-year loans, they cannot go beyond a certain number of installments.