How to Plan a Retirement Without Debt – Consolidation of loans

Planning a retirement is certainly not such a simple task and when you want to do it with financial control it just doesn’t fall into debt, it can be even harder. To help you make a retirement without getting in debt, we’ve broken down some very important tips. Let’s check it out?

How to plan the work / renovation

You can’t tell if a renovation fits in your pocket without knowing how much the work costs, can you? For this it is necessary to put on paper all the costs that involve the work.

For starters, define what your room will be remodeling and list all the items you remember: architect / interior designer; Construction Materials; bricklayer; painter; etc. By the way, to make your life easier and help you figure out all the costs involved in your work, we created a Reform Planning Worksheet. The download is free!

Don’t Buy Anything!

Before you have everything set and actually have a date to start the work, it covers nothing. It is normal to see a promotion and want to enjoy it, but the truth is that the cheap can be expensive if there is waste.

Make Budgets


I get an idea of ​​what you will need, start quoting the estimated values ​​of each thing. The architect or interior designer can help you save money and understand what you need, but if you are just researching for an estimate, you can do the research yourself.

If you go out on your own, you will only have value estimates, but they can be valuable in deciding if it’s time for a makeover or if you need to wait longer.

Now, if you’ve been planning for a while, just need to put the project on paper, the interior designer can help you a lot at this time of designing the renovation. It can help you understand what you need and plan a space that really suits you. In addition, it knows materials and solutions that can best suit the job. Finally, it will also save you a lot of time and avoid waste.

Divide Your Makeover into Steps

Even if you decide to renovate your entire property, every part of a renovation happens at a certain time. Splitting the project into steps will help you understand when each project cost happens and what you need to plan. In addition, it makes you see the progress of the work.

Find a Space in Your Budget

After you finish budgeting you will have the total estimated value of your work. It is important then to see what are the payment conditions you can on each item and assess whether the commitment of income with the work will not harm your financial health.

Do an analysis of your financial life and put retirement values ​​into your planning to find out if you really can afford it.

A good option, once you have planned everything and be aware of the costs, is to make a retirement loan. But only from this after you are sure of the estimated total value of the work with the help of a professional. The loan can help you pay for services and purchases of cash, earning discounts and leaving no outstanding debt. In addition, you will have a consolidation of the value of the work in a single monthly installment.

Be ready for unforeseen events

Remember, works can always be unforeseen. When calculating how much the renovation you want to do, leave a percentage of this amount saved for possible emergencies that may arise during the work. This will prevent headaches and debt.