Credit Card Pre Approval Process -Zqiuba.Com Mon, 14 Sep 2020 17:48:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Countries with more debt in the world, current situation Sat, 07 Mar 2020 07:54:38 +0000 Debt is an instrument that allows us to analyze the future of a country in the medium and long term. Because of this, it is important to know what the ranking of the countries with the most debt in the world is. In this chart we can see which are the most indebted countries.]]> Debt is an instrument that allows us to analyze the future of a country in the medium and long term. Because of this, it is important to know what the ranking of the countries with the most debt in the world is. In this chart we can see which are the most indebted countries.

Countries with more debt in the world: what are they?

Countries with more debt in the world: what are they?

The country with the most debt in the world right now is Japan. It represents a whopping 238% of its GDP. A figure that is far from the following on the list, Greece, with 182% of debt volume taking into account GDP.

But why does Japan have this level of indebtedness? To understand it, we have to go back to the 90s, when Japan’s financial sector exploded and gave way to the lost decade. However, the future does not seem encouraging. Some economists point out that from 2040 they could be in serious trouble.

In the case of Greece, remember that it was one of the biggest affected by the economic recession of 2008. The country, with a history of waste and poor financial management, seems to have stopped living with the rope around the neck. But you still have important financial problems that you have to see how to solve.

After Japan and Greece, we find other countries such as Barbados, Congo, Sudan, Eritrea, Cape Verde and, in Europe, countries like Portugal and Italy. All these countries exceed 100% of the volume of debt.

Closely followed by countries such as the United States with 105% and Spain with a level of debt of 98% compared to gross domestic product.

Of course, there are also countries that have a very low level of debt and that, however, their economic performance is questionable. For example, Afghanistan barely has a 7% debt. Although we also see the opposite effect in very rich countries such as Luxembourg, with a 23% debt.

Each country has its reasons. Moreover, many in apparent growth have seen their debt grow steadily in recent years. It can be seen as an immediate problem and even a mortgage for the development of the economy. A dilemma that we will see to see how they face it.

While it is true that in many cases the debt explains how prosperous or well managed a country is. Although it may seem a bit strange, no one would leave money to a country where they didn’t believe, don’t you think? Therefore, one could say that some of the countries that transmit more confidence have more debt.

The world is driven by debt

The world is driven by debt

What is clear is that we are in a world driven by debt in which each country has its reasons and has been seen in that situation by certain decisions or reasons that have led there. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad. There are richer countries with more debt; The US is an example of that.

What is important to know, as Spanish citizens, is that Spain is at the top of the table. Although there are many countries with more debt, most have less debt than us. But as you see, that does not mean they are better. Mexico, for example, stands at an average of 49%.

And that would be the explanation of this image that we link at the beginning of the article and that shows us the countries with more debt in the world along with those in the middle and those with a very small debt. An image with a lot of work behind and that reveals a very valuable information.

How does this indebtedness affect the user?

How does this indebtedness affect the user?

It is important to know how this situation affects us, especially in the face of our long-term plans such as the purchase of a home or an important expense. To do this, we need to know the data and see what can happen.

In general, if the public debt is above the national GDP, we will have more difficulty repaying the borrowed money. That implies taking austerity and cutting measures that often hamper economic growth.

If the Government is not able to control the debt, unfortunately users could run into future cuts in services, since to reduce the debt it is necessary to enter more and spend less.

After all, we only have two paths to follow, or let the debt overflow or curb spending. However, everything that is raising taxes is bad news for taxpayers.

Loan for household handlers – mothers Mon, 03 Feb 2020 18:49:11 +0000 Unfortunately, mothers only have endless credit with their children. For loans from a bank, there are no special rules or interest rate reductions for them. What to look out for in loans, when housewives and mothers are eligible for credit, is what the article is about.

The loan for mothers – the normal rules apply.

The loan for mothers - the normal rules apply.

When it comes to credit for mothers, unfortunately only their own children grant a special bonus. A mother is a normal borrower for every bank. Anyone who manages to combine the full-time job with childcare does not have to put back on loans. In this case, the most important thing is to find the cheapest possible loan. Favorable financing offers can be found particularly often in the direct banks on the Internet.

Direct banks often do without an extensive branch network. They use the Internet business predominantly or even exclusively. Part of the saved costs for rents and personnel benefits the loan terms and interest rates. The cheapest loan offer can therefore almost always be found at a direct bank.

The application for credit is mostly made online. Only after the provisional loan approval must the application be closed in a conventional manner. All documents are brought to the post office. The applicant’s ID check also takes place there immediately. This procedure is required by law and cannot be avoided. After that, everything else is automatic again. Payment of the loan is expected approximately one week after the lender receives the documents.

Part-time mothers – creditworthy with reduced income?

Part-time mothers - creditworthy with reduced income?

The credit for mothers in part-time jobs is tied to somewhat narrower limits. Income plays a crucial role in every loan. With a part-time job, the borrower can quickly reach income limits. It would be inappropriate to mention lump sums at this point. The entire life situation is always assessed in the credit assessment. The individual life situations are so different that a serious statement without knowing the individual case is hardly possible. Basically, due to the reduced income, only a reduced credit rating can be assumed.

Small loans are generally possible. What counts as a small loan depends on the provider. As common sizes, there are credit limits between 3000, – USD and 5000, – USD. Small loans from the Internet are not only attractive with low interest rates. The rate is low and the approval process is simplified. In principle, only the Schufa and the income are checked. If everything is in order, this loan will also be approved for mothers.

Housewife loans without work income.

Housewife loans without work income.

A few years ago, the loan for mothers was still a typical housewife’s loan with no personal income. The child benefit and the normal household budget were used for repayment. Unfortunately, times have changed with regard to these simple loans. Today, every loan has to be considered safe according to a scheme. If you cannot prove your own work income yourself, you need the help of your partner.

Without a person who guarantees their income from work, lending can almost be ruled out. Without working income, a maximum of orders on account are possible. For customers who have been loyal for many years, it may also be the case that a small commercial loan is possible. However, the installment payment is limited to a few installments and the loan amount to a few hundred USD. Housewife’s loan as a loan for mothers is practically extinct.

Debt restructuring at Hartz IV recipients Sat, 25 Jan 2020 18:45:33 +0000 Lower interest rates or lower rates

Lower interest rates or lower rates

Debt rescheduling in connection with government transfer payments such as Hartz 4 only makes sense if your borrower pays a lower interest rate than before or if the monthly credit rates are lower due to an extension of your term. Thе rule applies to every debt rescheduling, however, with Hartz 4 recipients a decrease in thе monthly debit еn so important that thеrе еn accepting а clear interest hike. A decrease in the amount of monthly credit rates can also be achieved by Hartz 4 recipients through a corresponding agreement with previous lenders.

Here you can openly point out your current situation, since installment loans can only be terminated if the borrower does not actually have payment arrears and not if the borrower worsens. So that a bank grants a debt rescheduling loan, it is advisable to provide a guarantor. Brokerage platforms for private loans are only suitable for debt rescheduling, since many private lenders are not committed if the presented project only includes the settlement of existing liabilities.

Don’t fall for false promises


Some institutions advertise that they accept thе application for debt rescheduling owing to Hartz 4 benefits. Before signing a corresponding credit contract, the unemployed should unconditionally read the small print. In some cases, the presumed lender requires thе transfer оn а high processing fee before processing thе credit.

Thеѕе procedures аrе always tо conclude dishonest offers, thе legislators only allow thе calculation оf a processing fee for lending if and when a loan contract is actually concluded and thе loan amount is paid out. In thе case, thе basic remuneration оf thе credit processing іn thе effective annual interest rate.

Thе calculation оf а processing fee before processing thе application оn in the event оf rejection is expressly prohibited. A lender who violates this clearly legal requirement cannot be classified as serious, even if it is possible that the desired debt rescheduling actually occurs.

If necessary, choose thе private bankruptcy

If necessary, choose thе private bankruptcy

If a debt rescheduling at Hartz 4 is not successful and the burdens for redeeming the accrued loans are no longer bearable, private insolvency enables debt-free living after thе well-being phase. Before opening thе procedure, an agreement оn agreement with all creditors is required, which may include both partial waiver аnd stretching of existing provisions.

Thе agreement fails wеn еn even a creditor, which is almost always the case. Only a few people know that the possibility of private bankruptcy with residual debt relief does not apply if a successful loan application intentionally contains incorrect information. Thus, erroneous information for a requested debt rescheduling at Hartz 4 can have serious consequences.

How to Plan a Retirement Without Debt – Consolidation of loans Sun, 19 Jan 2020 19:10:36 +0000 Planning a retirement is certainly not such a simple task and when you want to do it with financial control it just doesn’t fall into debt, it can be even harder. To help you make a retirement without getting in debt, we’ve broken down some very important tips. Let’s check it out?

How to plan the work / renovation

You can’t tell if a renovation fits in your pocket without knowing how much the work costs, can you? For this it is necessary to put on paper all the costs that involve the work.

For starters, define what your room will be remodeling and list all the items you remember: architect / interior designer; Construction Materials; bricklayer; painter; etc. By the way, to make your life easier and help you figure out all the costs involved in your work, we created a Reform Planning Worksheet. The download is free!

Don’t Buy Anything!

Before you have everything set and actually have a date to start the work, it covers nothing. It is normal to see a promotion and want to enjoy it, but the truth is that the cheap can be expensive if there is waste.

Make Budgets


I get an idea of ​​what you will need, start quoting the estimated values ​​of each thing. The architect or interior designer can help you save money and understand what you need, but if you are just researching for an estimate, you can do the research yourself.

If you go out on your own, you will only have value estimates, but they can be valuable in deciding if it’s time for a makeover or if you need to wait longer.

Now, if you’ve been planning for a while, just need to put the project on paper, the interior designer can help you a lot at this time of designing the renovation. It can help you understand what you need and plan a space that really suits you. In addition, it knows materials and solutions that can best suit the job. Finally, it will also save you a lot of time and avoid waste.

Divide Your Makeover into Steps

Even if you decide to renovate your entire property, every part of a renovation happens at a certain time. Splitting the project into steps will help you understand when each project cost happens and what you need to plan. In addition, it makes you see the progress of the work.

Find a Space in Your Budget

After you finish budgeting you will have the total estimated value of your work. It is important then to see what are the payment conditions you can on each item and assess whether the commitment of income with the work will not harm your financial health.

Do an analysis of your financial life and put retirement values ​​into your planning to find out if you really can afford it.

A good option, once you have planned everything and be aware of the costs, is to make a retirement loan. But only from this after you are sure of the estimated total value of the work with the help of a professional. The loan can help you pay for services and purchases of cash, earning discounts and leaving no outstanding debt. In addition, you will have a consolidation of the value of the work in a single monthly installment.

Be ready for unforeseen events

Remember, works can always be unforeseen. When calculating how much the renovation you want to do, leave a percentage of this amount saved for possible emergencies that may arise during the work. This will prevent headaches and debt.

Credit Check – Credit Cards? See how you are considered when applying? Thu, 09 Jan 2020 19:04:35 +0000 When applying for a credit card or loan, the banks should check whether your application can be approved. They do just that by doing a credit check of you. The result of this credit check therefore has a big impact on whether or not you get a credit card, so it is wise to know what they are looking for in such an assessment. This is exactly why I wrote this post so you know everything you should know about credit check!

What is a Credit Check?

Credit Check?

In other words, a credit check is a control of your finances. The bank or credit card company does this to find out if you have the option of repaying any upcoming credit debt. The credit check is usually done automatically, which is why you get your application relatively quickly. During a credit check, it is mainly investigated for active collection cases.

Who performs the credit check?

Who performs the credit check?

In Norway, most credit card providers use a credit check company for customers. The two largest credit check companies in Norway are Exporian and Nisnode. Exporian specializes in credit checks for private individuals, while Nisnode is experts in credit checks of companies. You may want to be aware of which company is considering how much credit you should get.

Take a credit check at Exporian

Both Exporian and Nisnode offer credit checks by yourself. That way you can get an overview of your own finances before the credit card companies get it. If you do not want to pay for it, you can contact a credit card company and request access to your registered personal information. Either way, you should do a credit check of yourself before applying for a credit card. Then you are better prepared if the credit check the card company makes is wrong or missing.

When can a check be performed?

credit check

In Norway, a credit check can only be performed if there is a factual reason for doing so. When applying for a credit card, the credit company must evaluate your credit and therefore carry out a credit check. In order for them to be allowed to carry out such an assessment, they must have a license from the Data Inspectorate. This is a secret and you must therefore accept this before applying. If you receive a letter stating that a credit check has been completed without having agreed to it, you must contact the credit reporting company.

How can you improve your credit score?

A credit score is a points calculation that shows how likely it is that a person will receive a payment note over the next 12 months. This credit score is calculated based on past payment remarks and other credit history. How high your score must be to get an approved application varies from company to company.

Therefore, the most important thing you can do to improve your credit score is to get rid of past payment remarks. You can read more about how to tips here.

Another tip is if you have debt collection cases, you should start repaying your debt before applying for a credit card.

If you want to apply for a loan, there are several things you can do to increase the likelihood of getting an approved application. Among other things, you can apply with a co-applicant, borrow a lower amount or choose a longer down payment period.

Ministerial Cession of the Fifth, Loans Guide 2020 Sun, 29 Dec 2019 18:32:07 +0000 If you are a ministerial employee, you will already know that you have the possibility to apply for a loan with the sale of the advantageous one and at the best economic conditions on the market.

Ministerial employees, therefore, have the possibility to request a loan with the same identical facilities as civil servants.

But who are the ministerial employees? Perhaps, they are better known as “state employees” and, below, we will explain in detail which categories they belong to and which types of loan they are entitled to.

Who are ministerial employees?


Ministerial employees, as we have just said, are state employees, or those who work in the public administration.

As the name suggests, they refer to ministries:

  • Department of the Treasury;
  • Ministry of the Interior;
  • Ministry of Defense (therefore Carabinieri or armed forces in general)
  • Ministry of Education (therefore professors or ATA staff, for example
  • Ministry of Finance.

Transfer of the fifth for ministerial employees

Transfer of the fifth for ministerial employees

All ministerial employees have the opportunity to take advantage of loans offered by banks or finance companies, or by Social security, which are much cheaper than the market average.

Applications can be made by all ministerial employees (which we could classify as a category of civil servants ) and retirees.

The assignment of the fifth for the ministers offers the advantage of lower interest rates compared to the common loans and can be repaid through the assignment of a fifth of the salary.

The following can apply:

  • school and university professors: loans for professors, without excluding ATA or secretarial staff, are very easy and allow you to immediately remedy unexpected expenses, using small loans or multi-year loans. The application can be made directly to the most important banks or best financial companies in Italy, or via the form downloadable on the Social security website, dedicated to civil servants, and sent electronically or by post;
  • transfer of the fifth for carabinieri, a loan designed specifically for the workers of the Army;
  • convention loans for law enforcement and defense more generally, as employees of the Army, Air Force or Navy

Obviously, ministerial employees are not obliged to rely on the National Social Security Institute, but they can first consult the various proposals offered by credit institutions to evaluate which is actually the most convenient and similar to their needs. Furthermore, many banks have agreements with Social security and it is, therefore, possible to find a solution even if, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to take advantage of the financing offered by the former Government agency.

For further information:

  • Social security loans
  • ex-Government agency loans

Calculation of the installment and loan estimate for ministerial employees

To obtain a calculation of the installment on loans for ministerial employees, several online tools are made available, also associated with banks that offer financing on the web.

Recall that the figure offered for loans for professors and other ministerial employees is based on the salary of the worker. Even the installments that are withdrawn monthly cannot exceed one-fifth of the salary and, depending on whether they concern small loans or multi-year loans, they cannot go beyond a certain number of installments.

Credit Debt Structuring News Tue, 24 Dec 2019 18:11:48 +0000 He recently participated in the loan debt restructuring works initiated by public banks (Best Bank and Cream Bank) especially for credit card borrowers at Lite bank.

Public Support Loan within the scope of this campaign prepared under the name of “ Halk Support Loan ”, Lite bank credit card users will be able to benefit from the credit card debts of Lite bank and other banks with interest rates starting from 1.10% per month and up to 5 years.

Interest rates from bank

The stated interest rates are valid for customers who demand life insurance from Lite bank.

In a statement made by the BRSA in the past week, the maturity of consumer loans to be given for credit card debts has been increased from 48 months to 60 months. For this purpose, the limit of consumer loans to be allocated will be as much as the credit card debt balance.

Among the BRSA’s resolutions, there are innovations for those who will use mortgage loans.

Accordingly, the ratio of loan amount to the value of the house taken as collateral in housing collateral loans is 80 percent. energy performance will not exceed 90 percent for class A homes and 85 percent for class B homes. According to another decision announced to increase the sales of passenger cars, vehicle loan disbursement limits were increased. Accordingly, the ratio of the loan amount to the value of the vehicle will not exceed 75 percent for those who have a final invoice value of 120 thousand TL or less in loans to be provided for vehicle acquisition and loans with vehicle collateral or financial leasing transactions. This limit was previously TL. It was applied as 100.000.-.

Lite bank and Cream Bank, one of the public banks that have signed new applications for credit card borrowers, are getting ready to be among the banks with 1000 branches. Previously, Best Bank and ASE Bank had Turkish banks exceeding 1000 branches. This time, Lite bank with 995 branches and Cream Bank with 951 branches are getting ready to enter the club of thousands.

Digital Credit

money loan

It is very easy for individuals who need urgent cash loans to make loan requests. Digital Requirement Loan maximum TL, which was implemented by Urban Bank and attracted the attention of individuals with cash needs. It is allocated as 40.000.- limited and 3-year term.

The digital consumer loan application is completed on the Urban Bank website. You can easily calculate the cost of the loan to you by entering the required loan amount and the loan term you prefer on the page. The application form you create here will be evaluated by the bank credit committee. After the credit committee approves your loan application, bank officials will visit you at your place and sign you the necessary documents.

The only paperwork required for credit allocation is your ID.

Guarantee, guarantor and income document are not required for digital consumer loan application. This consumer loan or consumer loan, which Urban Bank has put into practice, is very advantageous since you will not pay any credit allocation fees or any other expenses under a different name. Those who are not Urban Bank customers can use this loan without going to the bank.

He recently participated in the loan debt restructuring works initiated by public banks (Best Bank and <Good Bank) especially for credit card borrowers at Lite bank. Aire Support Loan Within this campaign prepared under the name of “Halk Support Loan”, Lite bank credit card users will be able to benefit from the credit card debts of Lite bank and other banks with interest rates starting from 1.10% per month and up to 5 years. The specified interest rates are valid for customers who demand Life Insurance from Lite bank. In a statement made by the BRSA in the past week, the maturity of consumer loans to be given for credit card debts has been increased from 48 months to 60 months.

How to apply for home equity loans for your company? Fri, 29 Nov 2019 18:40:46 +0000 It is very common to find freelancers who have a very low liquidity, even zero at times. At this point, it is common for many freelancers to have numerous unpaid assets, which they cannot cope with due to the absence of liquidity.

This issue, although it mostly affects freelancers, is also comparable to other types of companies. Although it is not easy to get out of a situation like this, in the following lines we will try to give you some tips on how to save a company without liquidity.

My company has no liquidity, what do I do?

My company has no liquidity, what do I do?

The first thing you should do is a rigorous analysis of the situation and establish whether the lack of liquidity is persistent or is a timely moment.

If we are in the first case (without liquidity on an ongoing basis), the most viable way of subsisting as a company will be the capital increase.

To increase capital, a highly recommended option may be home equity loans, provided you have a property such as offices, an industrial building or a home.

How to save a company without liquidity?

Liquidity problems are one of the major concerns of freelancers and small businesses. However, there are currently numerous routes or exits that can give you some air during these difficult times.

Therefore, if your concern is how to save a company without liquidity, you should know that one of the most recommended and most viable options is to obtain this liquidity from a loan with a property guarantee .

How to apply for home equity loans for your company?

How to apply for home equity loans for your company?

As we have said, if you have a property your liquidity problems can be solved. Through home equity loans, you can get quite high amounts of liquidity.

You have the possibility of putting different types of collateral for the mortgage loan for companies:

➤ Housing

➤ Offices

➤ Land

➤ Industrial building

And you will also have, unlike a conventional business loan, in a home equity loan you will have to meet very few requirements:

✔ Be of legal age

✔ Be the owner of the property that you put as guarantee

✔ That said property does not have economic charges or that is at least paid at 80%

How much money can I get with a home equity loan?

How much money can I get with a home equity loan?

Applying for a loan with a property guarantee for your company is one of the most favorable options if you are thinking about how to save a company without liquidity. This is because you can get very high amounts through this type of financing.

The maximum amount you can get with a loan with a property guarantee will depend directly on the appraisal and the value of the property, the maximum being 40% on the appraisal or, where appropriate, up to a maximum of $ 500,000 .

Tips on how to save a company without liquidity

In addition to home equity loans, there are other solutions, such as the advance of invoices by the bank or the discount of promissory notes. It may be a correct solution for a while, but it is not something that can be maintained for a long period of time .

Other of the solutions that have gained the most popularity are the renegotiation with extension of the maturities or the search for other capitalist partners , giving in return a participation in the business according to the contribution made.

All of these solutions, such as business loans, have intrinsic risks that must be analyzed, allowing the decision to be deliberate and adapt to the characteristics and needs of our business .