Credit Debt Structuring News

He recently participated in the loan debt restructuring works initiated by public banks (Best Bank and Cream Bank) especially for credit card borrowers at Lite bank.

Public Support Loan within the scope of this campaign prepared under the name of “ Halk Support Loan ”, Lite bank credit card users will be able to benefit from the credit card debts of Lite bank and other banks with interest rates starting from 1.10% per month and up to 5 years.

Interest rates from bank

The stated interest rates are valid for customers who demand life insurance from Lite bank.

In a statement made by the BRSA in the past week, the maturity of consumer loans to be given for credit card debts has been increased from 48 months to 60 months. For this purpose, the limit of consumer loans to be allocated will be as much as the credit card debt balance.

Among the BRSA’s resolutions, there are innovations for those who will use mortgage loans.

Accordingly, the ratio of loan amount to the value of the house taken as collateral in housing collateral loans is 80 percent. energy performance will not exceed 90 percent for class A homes and 85 percent for class B homes. According to another decision announced to increase the sales of passenger cars, vehicle loan disbursement limits were increased. Accordingly, the ratio of the loan amount to the value of the vehicle will not exceed 75 percent for those who have a final invoice value of 120 thousand TL or less in loans to be provided for vehicle acquisition and loans with vehicle collateral or financial leasing transactions. This limit was previously TL. It was applied as 100.000.-.

Lite bank and Cream Bank, one of the public banks that have signed new applications for credit card borrowers, are getting ready to be among the banks with 1000 branches. Previously, Best Bank and ASE Bank had Turkish banks exceeding 1000 branches. This time, Lite bank with 995 branches and Cream Bank with 951 branches are getting ready to enter the club of thousands.

Digital Credit

money loan

It is very easy for individuals who need urgent cash loans to make loan requests. Digital Requirement Loan maximum TL, which was implemented by Urban Bank and attracted the attention of individuals with cash needs. It is allocated as 40.000.- limited and 3-year term.

The digital consumer loan application is completed on the Urban Bank website. You can easily calculate the cost of the loan to you by entering the required loan amount and the loan term you prefer on the page. The application form you create here will be evaluated by the bank credit committee. After the credit committee approves your loan application, bank officials will visit you at your place and sign you the necessary documents.

The only paperwork required for credit allocation is your ID.

Guarantee, guarantor and income document are not required for digital consumer loan application. This consumer loan or consumer loan, which Urban Bank has put into practice, is very advantageous since you will not pay any credit allocation fees or any other expenses under a different name. Those who are not Urban Bank customers can use this loan without going to the bank.

He recently participated in the loan debt restructuring works initiated by public banks (Best Bank and